Sensory play is like a


for kids! With Knowledge Crates' Busy Bins & Buckets, you're not just providing entertainment; you're opening the door to a world of exploration, learning, and screen-free play!

Busy Bins & Buckets Q&A

Busy Bins are like a special treasure box filled with fun! Think of it as a neat storage container that's super clean, with a locking lid and a label for easy storage. Each Busy Bin includes cool stuff that's all about exploring and learning. Depending on the theme you choose, it might have colorful rice, kinetic sand, a variety of dough, or squishy play foam. Plus, we include a handful of tools from scoops and shovels, to pom pots and cups to help elevate imagination. Each bin also comes with manipulations to match each theme. 

Busy buckets re a smaller version of our bins. they are portable and container a variety of 3 sensory materials and a variety of manipulative for play! Buckets come in a variety of themes and make great gifts, are the perfect size for vacations or to take to places like siblings sports practices and restaurants! they are the perfect pint sized package to pull out when you need something new to keep little hands busy!

Yes! We include a variety of materials that can be used over and over again! The best part? None of the materials will dry out so when the play is done simply put back on the lid, lock the container and tuck it away on the shelf.

*We do recommend returning dough to its container for longer use.

All kids love sensory play! Bins and buckets are a great sensory experience for preschool and elementary children (even the bigger kids like them too!)


Busy Bins:

  • Use to elevate sensory play in a way that is fun for kids but has minimal clean up for you. By making these in containers with locking lids and labels, storing is simple.
  • Pair a sensory bin with one of our crates! we've created these to pair perfectly with our seasonal crates, units and minis.

Busy Buckets:

  • Keep one in the kitchen cabinet and pull it out when you need something to keep them busy while you prep dinner or take a phone call.
  • Keep on in the car and use this boredom buster at places like sibling spot practices, doctor's waiting rooms or even a restaurant!
  • Tuck one away in the suitcase. these are great for passing time on the plane or when your relaxing in your room in between events!
  • Give it as a gift! these come ready to go, just add a tag and you're done!

Sensory play is so versatile and kids love it, the possibilities are endless!

Honestly this will probably be one of the EASIEST things you'll ever buy. There's no prep or special way to set it up, just take off the lid and let them dive right in!