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Fun this Summer

Get the super-fun-everything included summer crate!


No more planning!

We mean it! Every crate comes with a fool-proof guide that covers every activity, materials needed (more on that in #2) and extension activity ideas so that you can keep the fun going all season long!

ALL materials included

And we mean ALL MATERIALS! No one likes getting packages that require you to buy even more stuff. Ew! 🤮 So we make sure to send you EVERYTHING you need to get the kiddos #learningthroughplay.

Kid lead. Parent Approved!

Sometimes we want to be involved and sometimes we want them to explore on their own. Whatever mood you're in, we've got your back. Our crates come filled with activities that kids of all ages can do alone, with a sibling or with parental guidance.


The perfect quarterly subscription for kids ages 3-10. Just pick your crate below and we do the rest!

For children Ages 3-5 Years
For Children Ages 6-10 Years

When you don't have time to google your way through parenting ... you knowledge crate!

From exploring polar habitats in the winter, to learning about the sea in the summer, to discovering the life cycle of a honeybee in the spring, Knowledge Crate is the expert-approved subscription box homeschooling parents around the world are raving about.

Knowledge Crates is now
classroom ready!

Add Knowledge Crates to your classroom for as little as $35 per child. Each Class Pack comes with a pre-planned curriculum and ALL the materials needed to complete every activity so that you get a room full of happy (and engaged) kids.

Talk to your school about how adding Class-pack's to their curriculum can save them time and money today!

As seen in...

Knowledge Crates is

not your average kids box!

We focus on your child as a whole. From reading to getting the wiggles out, each box is designed to get them #learningthroughplay.


Have a Question? WE have answers!

Yes! All crates include a guide showing which area of learning the activity was created for. Activities in our preschool crate are specifically aligned with the Early Learning Standards. School Age activities also cover learning areas but only by topic as the grades vary. 

We offer two variations!

Preschool crates are designed for children ages 3-5 years, while school age crates are geared more for children ages 6-10! However, we have had some families reach out to us with children outside of these age ranges who loved our crates as well!

Please be advised these kits do contain small parts and are not for children under the age of 3 years.

Crates vary from 18-24 activities depending on the season and all include 3 children’s books, an activity guide and all the materials you need! (Perishable items not included if any are needed).

There are more than enough materials included in each crate that can be used by multiple children. However, some of the specific projects will only have materials for one child. For example, if there is a canvas art project in the crate, you would only receive one canvas. 

We've got you covered! We offer an "Add On" option that will allow you to add a second set of some of the materials to your order without the cost of an entire second crate. Once you choose your crate, the available add on options will pop up on the screen for you so there’s no extra time spent looking for them. 

This is also a great option for adults who want to do the activities along with their children!

Kits are seasonal and are released in September, December, March & June! Once we have passed the release date, your kit will be shipped within 3 business days of ordering. For those who subscribe, your crates are mailed on the date they are released!