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Every parent wants their child to


through play. But "parenting" is a job all on its own (and there's no training manual for that position). Our team has worked with kids for over twenty years and now we've packaged up all our knowledge into a stress-free and super-fun crate that ships right to your door. Like Hello Fresh, but for kids' activities!

Where imagination and quality come together – that’s a Knowledge Crate.

Knowledge Crates are theme-based boxes that give your kids opportunities for screen-free play to ignite their imaginations. Whether it's our seasonal crates, mini collection, sensory bins, or buckets, all products include everything you need so there’s no additional trips to the store. Sourcing materials from quality companies such as Crayola and Learning Resources helps us to ensure the materials in our crates are a curation of only the very best for your little ones. No matter which you choose, we guarantee endless #learningthroughplay! 



Seasonal Crates:

The preschool version is for children ages 3-5, but kids in kindergarten like this one too! While some of the skills included have already been met, it gives them a feeling of accomplishment because they can do the activities on their own!

The school age version is geared more for elementary kids grades 1-5. .

Unit Crates:

Our unit crates are designed for elementary kids (1st-5th grade). For our younger learners, we have created additional resources in each unit collection such as a preschool digital download and sensory bin that pair perfectly with each!

Mini Crates:

Mini crates can be used for preschool or school-aged kids. Each mini shows a list of what comes inside and a photo of the materials so you can decide which will be the best fit!

Busy Bins & Buckets:

All kids love sensory play! These can be used for both preschool and school-age kids.


Yes! We include a variety of activities that can be completed more than once and then tucked away to be used again.

Seasonal crates include 20+ activities, 5 children’s books, an activity guide, and all the materials you need (unless a perishable item is required). The annual bundle option includes four seasonal crates delivered throughout the year.

Materials are prepped and provided for you (right down to the water cups for painting)! If an additional item is needed, such as a fresh ingredient, it will be noted in the guide for you.

For families with multiple children, we have some several options for you:

The Add-On Kit: This is a second set of materials for some of the activities in the full-size seasonal crate. Add-on kits are perfect for families with multiple children, but who may not need additional full crates. For example, you won't need multiple copies of the books, but you will want need extra materials for multiple children to do the art activities. These vary each season, but typically will include materials for 8 of the activities from the full seasonal crate.

The Sibling Crate: This is a complete full-size seasonal crate offered at a discounted rate. Sibling crates are great for families looking to purchase multiple crates without the cost. Sibling crates and seasonal crates are the exact same box. The only difference is their price points.

How Do I Decide?

Every family will have different needs, but here is our suggestion: If your children are similar in age, maybe 1st & 3rd grade, the add-on kit is a great option. This allows the kids to participate in activities together but doesn't give you a second set of materials you don't need, such as the books and activity mats, as they can share these. If your children are not similar in age, maybe preschool & 3rd grade, the sibling crate is a great option. You can purchase a preschool AND a school-age crate, at a discount. This will give each child materials that are more age appropriate for them while also allowing them to work on activities together.

Once you choose your crate, the available options will pop up on the screen for you so there’s no need to spend extra time looking for them. 

PLEASE NOTE: Sibling crates and add-on kits can only be purchased in conjunction with full-size seasonal crates.

Seasonal crates can be purchased as a single crate or a quarterly subscription.

Single seasons are a one-time purchase and quarterly subscriptions renew every three months.

Annual bundles are a one-time prepay option of four seasons. Seasons ship as they are released.