Preschool: Children ages 3-5.

Kindergarten kids like this one too! While some of the skills included have already been met, it gives them a feeling of accomplishment because they can do the activities on their own!

Please be advised these kits do contain small parts and are not for children under the age of 3 years.

Elementary: Children ages 6-10.

They are and the kids won’t even realize it! Our big boxes (single season or annuals) will include an activity guide aligned with learning goals, questions to ask and extension activities to further their curiosity!

Using this as an educational resource? We’ve done the work for you! Activity guides for preschool and elementary crates include color coded buttons to help navigation which areas of learning each activity covers!

All of them!

Preschool Crates include Art, Math, Science, Literacy, Social Studies, Physical Development, Social & Emotional Development and Approaches to Learning Through Play.

Our Elementary Crates touches on Art, Math, Language & Literacy, Science, Social Studies, Environment & Ecology, Health, Safety and Physical Education!

Seasonal crates include 20+ activities, a collection of children's books, activity guide and all the materials you need (unless a perishable item is required). The annual option includes four seasonal crates delivered through the year.

Materials are prepped and provided for you (right down to the water cups for painting)! If an additional item needed such as a fresh ingredient it will be noted in the guide for you.

Yes! Most of the activities can be completed more than once. For instance, all of our mats (I-Spy, printing words, math practice) are laminated so they can be used multiple times! 

They can! Seasonal crates are PACKED full of materials and there is more than enough for multiple kids to enjoy. However, some of the specific projects (like building a birdhouse) will only have materials for one child. 

If you want some extra materials or a second crate without the cost, we have options available for you! See below for more!

All crates are secular.

Yes, we include water beads in our seasonal crates as well as many of the minis.

Not a fan of water beads? This sensory material is a favorite for many of our families, but for some is a no-go. If you'd prefer to not receive these in your crate, please choose the option above and we'll remove them before shipping!

If your child is still in a stage of mouthing toys, please remove this activity until they are ready for it. Crate items should never be ingested and should be used under supervision at all times.


We have three options:

Single purchase: Purchase the current season only.

Quarterly Subscription: Recurring & Released 4 times per year.

Annual Purchase: Single purchase of 4 quarterly crates (shipped as each season releases).

For families with multiple children, we have some extra options available for you:

The 'add-on' kit: This is a second set of materials for some of the activities from the full size seasonal crate. Add on kits are perfect for families with multiple children, but who may not need additional full crates. These vary each season, but typically will include materials for 8 of the activities from the full seasonal crate.

The 'sibling' crate: This is available in the current season only. This is our full-size seasonal crate offered at a discounted rate. Sibling crates are great for families looking to purchase multiple crates without the cost. Sibling crates and seasonal crates are the exact same box. The only difference is their price points. Once you add the first seasonal crate to your cart, a pop-up window with this option will appear for you.

Purchasing Multiple Seasonal or Unit Crates: For families looking to purchase a mixture of seasonal or unit crates we offer a discount that is applied automatically in the cart for you. Get 10% off when you buy any 2 unit crates, 15% off 3, and an incredible 20% off when you buy 4!

How do I decide?

Every family will have different needs, but here is our suggestion: If your children are similar in age, maybe 1st & 3rd grade, the add-on kit is a great option. This allows the kids to participate in activities together but doesn't give you a second set of materials you don't need such as the books and activity mats as they can share these. If your children are not similar in age, maybe preschool & 3rd grade, the sibling crate is a great option. This will give each child materials that are more age appropriate for them while also allowing them to work on activities together.

Once you choose your crate, the available options will pop up on the screen for you so there’s no need to spend extra time spent looking for them. 

PLEASE NOTE: Sibling crates and add on kit can only be purchased in conjunction with full size seasonal crates.

Seasonal crates are released and shipped on the 1st of March, June, September, and December.

Recurring subscriptions are charged the 15th of the prior month for the upcoming season.

Any orders placed after the release date will ship within 3 business days.


Products will be shipped within three business days of placing your order. In the event that you are preordering for the following season, orders will not be shipped until the release date for that product has passed. Release dates for seasonal crates are

September 1, 2022

December 1, 2022

March 1, 2023

June 1, 2023

Mini Crates are shipped within 3 business days of ordering.

All orders are shipped using UPS & USPS. 

Customers will be notified once their order has shipped and at that time do not claim any responsibility for the time it will take for your order to arrive. For orders that do not arrive, the customer is required to reach out to us and explain that their package did not arrive. At that time the tracking will be checked. If the tracking states that the package has been delivered, it will be the customers responsibility to reach out to the proper channels for further information. Knowledge Crate / Endless Mountain Learning Center, INC. will not replace or refund any order if the tracking has stated delivered.

Currently, we ship to the U.S. & Canada only. 

Subscribers and orders placed during the pre-order period will begin to ship on the 1st (or next business day) of the release month* (Sept, Dec, March, June).

Crates for the current season are available until two weeks prior to the release of the new month or until they sell out. For example, if you are looking to purchase the spring kit that was released in March, it would be available until mid-May. Orders placed after that would receive the summer crate. 

*Shipping times can vary due to supply chain disruptions.

Shipping for all order are calculated any checkout with the exception of Annual Crates.

Annual Crates ship for a flat rate of $60.00 for all 4 crates distributed throughout the year.

Orders for Mini Crates ship out within 3 business days of from order date (excluding weekends.)

Subscription Crates will ship based on the shipping schedule for the season. Please see "What's your shipping policy?" for more detail.

Transit times will vary based on location and shipping speed chosen at checkout.

Currently, we ship in the United States only.


Refunds and Cancellations. Your purchase is final and nonrefundable. 

Single, Annual & Minis are one-time transactions that cannot be cancelled or refunded. 

Quarterly Subscriptions renew each quarter and can be paused or canceled by logging into your account.  

Subscriptions: Can be pause or canceled by logging into your account. Cancellations MUST be made 7 days prior to the renewal date for it to take affect for the current season.

Exchanges: We do not accept any Product exchanges.

Currently, we ship to the U.S. and Canada, only. 

Subscriptions: Can be paused or canceled by logging into your account. Cancellations MUST be made 7 days prior to the renewal date for it to take affect for the current season.

Cancellations made AFTER the 7 days will go into affect the following seasons and are non-refundable.