Hey there, I’m Jolene! (Yes after the song) & I am the owner of Knowledge Crates!

Twenty-three years ago, when I became the mom, I wished someone would have handed me a box with everything I needed to encourage his little imagination. Instead I just crossed my fingers and dove in.

I was young, uneducated and lacked any knowledge of how to raise a tiny human (thank goodness after raising 4 of us, my mother had that mastered!) Her support made it possible for me to go on to complete my degree in Elementary & Special Education and build what would become the highest quality children’s center in our community.

When the pandemic hit, I wanted to find a way to stay connected the families from our center. I also spent the first few weeks of lockdown watching my sister (who is an AMAZING Preschool teacher by the way) struggle to keep her 2 year old busy at home.

That's when the idea of Knowledge Crates came to mind!

A year later, my amazing team and I took all of the curriculum we've wrote, threw in our 20+ years of child-care experience and packaged it up perfectly to ship right to your door!

So thanks for hanging out with us here! We will continue to work hard to bring you and your littles a quality product that spark their imaginations and help keep you sane! 😉

❤️ Jolene


Danica Conigliaro planner and picker for knowledge crates


Hi everyone! I'm the one who picks all the cool things that come in your crates! I have been working with young children for the past 15 years and from the beginning had my hands in the creation of curriculums! When I am not planning, my time is spent with my husband Nick and our daughter Sophia (who always seems to steal the spotlight on our socials!)

Petar Otasevic runs shipping and logistics


Hey, I'm Pete! I'm the guy who makes sure all your packages get shipped! Jolene and Danica are my older sisters and even as adults they are still bossing me around! My daughter Catalina, and I love spending time gardening, gaming and exploring history! We're getting ready to kick off our third year of homeschooling as she heads into the 4th grade!


Hi I’m Joelle! I’m the one who helps out with the pretty part of Knowledge Crates. I paint, assemble, and test some of the products you see on our socials. When I’m not working (being covered in paint and glitter) I can be found reading, playing guitar, and watching tv. 


Hiya! I'm the one who helps to plan curriculum units and test-runs activities at home with my kids. I'm a K-12 teacher turned homeschool mom to a preschooler and a second-grader. We love theme-based learning, which is why I'm so lucky to work for Knowledge Crates and use all of the cross-curricular units in our homeschool!