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Preschool Math Activities for Winter: Penguins, Patterns, and Pure Fun!

By: Knowledge Crates

Picture this … outside, the chilly wind is blowing, and inside, you hear a tiny symphony of gentle giggles coming from the living room. Curiosity piques your interest, so you sneak a glance around the corner to find little hands meticulously arranging a pile of colored penguins, turning the middle of the room into a vibrant parade. 🐧


Sounds dreamy, right? 


Happily engaged play really can be that simple!


With two decades of experience working with young children, raising my own, and holding a master's in education, I understand how for some of us winter can mean looooong days and over-energetic little ones. 


That's why this season we've added a little something special to the preschool winter crate and I'm going to show you some ways you can use it!

Now, why did we choose "Penguins on Ice"? Well, it's not just about cute little penguins sliding around (though that's a big plus!). This 110-piece activity kit is a powerhouse of learning activities that promise hours of fun-filled exploration and opportunities for some serious math skills!

1. Sorting by Color: A Rainbow of Penguins 🌈

Imagine a world where penguins dazzle in every shade and hue! Through this activity, kids love sorting these mini penguins by their bright colors. Why is sorting by color so beneficial? Well, it's an excellent way to sharpen cognitive skills and heighten visual perception. And let's be honest, who wouldn't enjoy grouping these stylishly colored penguins? It's like orchestrating a vibrant rainbow parade right in your living room!

2. Creating Patterns: Dance of the Penguins 💃🐧

Patterns are everywhere, even in the icy realms of Antarctica! Our little learners will have a blast arranging the penguins in various patterns. Whether it's a simple AB pattern or something more intricate, patterns help children develop essential skills like problem-solving and logical thinking. And you know watching those penguins waddle around in patterns is pure, unadulterated joy!

3. Counting with Penguins: A Slippery Math Adventure 🐧➕🐧

Counting is more fun when you have colorful penguins involved! This game turns simple counting exercises into exciting adventures. As kids roll the dice, count the penguins, and match them with the corresponding cards we included, they sharpen their numerical skills and develop a strong foundation in math. Plus, who can resist the charm of these cute, counting companions?


p.s. For older kids or preschoolers ready for a bigger challenge, use two dice (both are included in our crate) and use the penguins to create hands-on addition problems!

What's Happening While They Play 🧐

Now, you might be wondering, why all this fuss about sorting, patterning, and counting? Well, dear readers, these activities are like secret ingredients that make learning irresistible for kids. Here's why:

  • Hands-on Learning: "Learning by doing" is our motto! Sorting, patterning, and counting are hands-on activities that engage children's senses and motor skills. It's not just about sitting and listening; it's about touching, moving, and interacting with the world around them.


  • Boosting Cognitive Skills: Sorting by color, creating patterns, and counting penguins stimulate various cognitive skills like attention to detail, problem-solving, and memory retention. These activities challenge young minds and encourage them to think creatively.


  • Fun and Engagement: Let's face it; when learning is fun, it sticks! The playful nature of "Penguins on Ice" ensures that kids are not just learning; they're enjoying every moment of it. And when learning is enjoyable, the possibilities are endless!


As we wrap up our snowy adventure with the Preschool Winter Knowledge Crate, one thing is clear: learning has never been cooler! That's why Knowledge Crates is not just another kids' craft box; it's a gateway to a world where education meets excitement, and learning becomes a frosty fun-filled adventure! 

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