Oobleck & all its wonders!

May 20 2023 – Knowledge Crates

Oobleck & all its wonders! - Knowledge Crates
Oobleck & all its wonders! - Knowledge Crates

Let's talk about a mysterious substance that's as mesmerizing as it is gooey - Oobleck! 🌟

This spring we included the ingredients to create Oobleck and you guessed it – they loved it!

So, what exactly is Oobleck, you ask? Well, it's a fascinating non-Newtonian fluid that defies all expectations. At first glance, it looks like ordinary liquid, but when you touch it, it transforms into a solid, making your mind go "WOW!" 🤯

Imagine the thrill of dipping your hands into a bowl of Oobleck and feeling its squishy texture flow through your fingers. It's an extraordinary sensory experience that captivates both young and old, turning ordinary playtime into a whimsical adventure. The coolest part is that you can easily make Oobleck at home with just two ingredients: cornstarch and water. Here’s how: Mix 1½ cup of cornstarch to 1 cup of water and voila! You've unlocked a whole new world of hands-on exploration. 📝 Bonus Tip: Add a splash of tempera paint (this is much better than food coloring) to make it even more exciting! We used blue and green to replicate the earth in celebration of Earth Day!

Once you have your Oobleck ready, the possibilities for fun are endless! Kids love experimenting with it, squeezing it, and even bouncing it like a bouncy ball. You can mold it into shapes, watch it ooze between your fingers, or even try to run across a pool of Oobleck (spoiler alert: you'll sink if you go too slow!). It's an absolute blast!

Oobleck also offers a fantastic opportunity for scientific exploration. 🧪 Encourage the little scientists to observe and hypothesize how Oobleck behaves differently from other liquids and solids. It's a hands-on lesson in physics that sparks curiosity and fosters a love for learning. So, gather your curious crew, roll up your sleeves, and prepare for a wildly entertaining experience with Oobleck. Dive into its mesmerizing world and watch as your kids' eyes light up with wonder and delight. Don't be surprised if you find yourself getting lost in the Oobleck excitement too! And if you’re looking for a fun read to pair with the activity, we recommend Dr. Seuss’s Bartholomew and the Oobleck!


📷: Thank you Elizabeth Guerrero for capturing this! 


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