It's Halloween Sensory Playtime!

October 27 2022 – Knowledge Crates

It's Halloween Sensory Playtime! - Knowledge Crates
It's Halloween Sensory Playtime! - Knowledge Crates

Here’s a sensory bin for Halloween that we are sure your littles will love! 

* this beautiful tray, is from Inspire My Play!

What you'll need: 

  • Colored rice*
  • Black bats (bowtie pasta)*
  • Mini gourds & pumpkins (we used fake ones)
  • Sparkle balls
  • Mini cauldron pots
  • Wooden spoons and shovels
  • Mini Tongs
  • Large bin or bowl
  • 1 excited child

How to make the colored rice and black bats: 

Colored Rice: Mix 1 pound of white rice with orange watercolor. You can also use food coloring or paint from your seasonal crates for this. Add the rice to a large Ziploc bag with some watercolor and shake just we did when we made our blue rice in the summer crate! Continue until you have the desired brightness. Lay out on a a cookie sheet or a piece of foil to dry (this only takes about 10 minutes). Once its ready, pour into a bowl or bin and add a cup of uncolored rice to give it contrast.

Black (bow-tie pasta) Bats: We are going to follow the same steps as we did above but this time, we will use ½ box of Farfalle (bowtie) pasta and black watercolor. Lay the bats out to dry and add to the sensory bin when ready!


You can separate each ingredient into a divided bin like the one above and let your little one pick how to mix and match or have fun dump it all into a big bin and watch them explore!

Let us know in the comments below what's your favorite Halloween activity with you littles :)

Til next time, 


Psst ... We know your plate is overflowing, so if you'd rather grab a done-for-you, ready-to-play sensory bin, check out our collection of Busy Bins! They even come with their own storage for easy grab and play. We've got your back! 😉



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