winter sensory bin

Creating a Winter Sensory Bin ❄️

By: Knowledge Crates

When the weather isn’t cooperating, we still need something to keep their little minds busy, so let's make a winter sensory bin!


We’re using a combination of materials from this year and last year’s winter crates as well as some additional materials from Discount School Supply.


Once you have collected all the materials, you can organize them in a bin like we have here or you can just use common things from your kitchen such as a large cookie tray, Tupperware containers, or cereal bowls! Lay all the materials out on the table and invite your children to come and explore: it will keep them busy for hours!




  • From 2022 Winter Crates: Water Beads, Snow, Arctic Animals & Mini Trees

  • From 2021 Winter Crates: Ince Cubes, Penguins & Snowflakes

  • Ice Blocks: Discount School Supply

  • Sensory Tray: Inspire My Play


Additional Materials You Could Use:


  • Pipe Cleaners

  • Real Ice Cubes

  • Real Snow

  • Measuring Cups / Spoons

  • Small Contains for Pouring

  • Mini sticks

  • Acorns


Psst ... We know your plate is overflowing, so if you'd rather grab a done-for-you, ready-to-play sensory bin, check out our collection of Busy Bins! They even come with their own storage for easy grab-and-play. We've got your back! 😉

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