Safari Mini Crate

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Explore Safari with 3D animals, sensory materials and fun facts! 🦒🐘🐅

Crate Includes 8 Activities & 1 Children's Book:

  • Ravi's Roar ~ Tom Percival
  • Safari Yoga Sheet
  • Safari Facts Sheet
  • Safari Scenes (laminated) & Stickers
  • 3D Wooden Animals (set of 4)
    • Crayon Paint Pallet
  • Safari I-Spy (laminated) & Dry Erase Marker
  • Safari Sensory Beads
  • Kinetic Sand & Accessories
    • Animals (set of 8)
    • Rocks (set of 2)
    • Wooden Spoons (set of 2)
    • Shrubs (set of 6)

    Learning Areas: Language Arts & Literacy, Science, Art, Mathematics & Health

    Mini Crates are:

    • for children ages 3-10 Years.
    • screen-free educational activities.  
    • have all materials for activities included.
    • perfect for on-the-go activities, gifts & weekends with grandparents.


    NOTE: Items may vary due to current availability and this crate contains products not manufactured by the seller. Additionally, please be advised that crates may contain small parts that may not be suitable for children under 3 years. Do not consume crate contents. 

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