knowledge crates are great supplies for classrooms

Give educators the freedom to get back to what they love…teaching!

An affordable way plan for activities with all materials included.


Easily identifiable learning areas for every activity.


GET BACK TO TEACHING! Less time spent planning and prepping! No more writing lessons, ordering materials, and hours of prep, we take care of it all!

QUALITY PRODUCTS! Crates come with sustainable and reusable materials! Getting a box with everything done for you is great, but getting a box with everything done for you with quality materials is even better!

REUSABLE MATERIALS!! Using quality and reusable items in our crate lets you have lessons planned for years to come.

VERSATILE! We cover it all! Language Arts & Literacy, Math, Science, Social Studies and Health. There's even social emotional development sprinkled throughout!

THEY WILL LOVE IT AS MUCH AS YOU DO! Our curriculum is written to the child’s interest and allows them to do what they do best… explore!

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Lesson planning and prep are two important and time consuming parts of an educators day. We help give you back that time to spend with the kids!

Class-packs are a combination of all the activities from our current seasonal crate packagedfor a classroom setting. Each class-pack includes a teacher's guide, 5 children's books and allof the materials prepped and planned for 10 children.

Yes! We have aligned each activity with early learning standards, included questions to ask tofacilitate their learning and extension activities to take the learning experience even further!

Our curriculum has been approved by the Office of Early Learning & Child Development(OCDEL) in the state of Pennsylvania, along with Keystone Stars for use in our ownclassrooms!

Each class-pack is designed for a group of 10 children.

The materials are prepared in a way toallow for multiple stations to be set up as well as art and science experinces for each child.


Early Childhood Programs

After School Programs & Summer Camps

Preschool: Art, Math, Science, Literacy, Social Studies, Physical Development, Social & EmotionalDevelopment and Approaches to Learning Through Play.

School Age: Arts & Humanities, Mathematics, Science, Social Studies, Environment & Ecology, Health, Safety & Physical Education, English Language Development & Arts

Yes! If you are looking for something to use for family engagement or for extended learning through the summer months, then purchasing single crates for each child to use in the home is the way to go.

Kids will love them, parents will love them more!