Space Mini Crate

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Blast off!! Let's explore the planets and solar system through art and literacy activities and create constellations! 🪐☄️

Crate Includes 8 Activities & 1 Children's Book:

  • 1 Book
    • Book will vary depending on availability
  • Constellation Activity
    • Set of 9 Constellation Cards
    • Constellation Kit & Black Paper
  • Solar System Journal
  • Adventures in Space
    • Story Map (laminated)
    • Dry Erase Marker
    • Mini Journal
    • Space Pencil
  • Space Orbs (12 Jumbo Water Beads)
  • Kinetic Sand & Accessories
    • Space Figures (set of 4)
    • Marbles (set of 8)
    • Spoons (set of 2)
    • Rocks
  • Salt Ice Moon Activity
    • Dropper
    • Balloons (set of 3)
    • Salt Packet (set of 2)
    • Paint Pods (set of 2)

    Language Arts & Literacy, Science & Mathematics 

    * Book is subject to change

    Mini Crates are:

    • for children ages 3-10 Years.
    • screen-free educational activities.  
    • have all materials for activities included.
    • perfect for on-the-go activities, gifts & weekends with grandparents.

    NOTE: Items may vary due to current availability and this crate contains products not manufactured by the seller. Additionally, please be advised that crates may contain small parts that may not be suitable for children under 3 years. Do not consume crate contents. 

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    Is this an educational box?

    They are and the kids won’t even realize it! Our big boxes (single season or annuals) will include an activity guide aligned with learning goals, questions to ask and extension activities to further their curiosity!

    • Using this as an educational resource? We’ve done the work for you! Activity guides for preschool and school age include color coded buttons to help navigation which areas of learning each activity covers!

    Space Mini Crate

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