No Waste Keepsakes 💫

January 25 2023 – Knowledge Crates

No Waste Keepsakes 💫
No Waste Keepsakes 💫

Upcycling materials from our crate to make a keepsake!

Make a super cute winter ornament with some of the extra materials from your Knowledge Crate!

You'll need:
  • Sparkly snowflake from the inner packaging
  • Bonus art materials (foam snowflake stickers)
  • Play dough cap (we used old ones from previous Crates)
  • Glue (regular and hot)
  • A photo of your kiddo (could also have them do a wintry drawing instead if you don't have a photo handy!)
  • Yarn, thread, or twine to hang
Grown-up prep: 
  • Gather materials.
  • Cut the photo in a circle (I traced the play dough cap on top of the picture, then cut inside where I traced to make it fit the inside of the cap).
  • Plug in the glue gun (you'll need to do the final step of gluing the cap to the plastic snowflake).
Kiddo time:
  1. First, have the kids use the school glue to glue their photo inside the top of the cap. 
  2. Next, have them decorate the cap with the foam snowflakes from the Bonus Art Materials. (Removing the backing themselves keeps those little fingers busy and building fine motor skills!)
  3. Have your child thread the string through a snowflake point and help them tie a knot.
  4. Parent: Use the hot glue to attach the play dough cap to the glittery plastic snowflake.
  5. Hang in a window to enjoy all season long, and save as a keepsake to decorate with every winter!


~ Elizabeth Guerrero @schoolofchildhood 


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