Singing our Sillies Out 🎶

July 08 2022 – Knowledge Crates

Singing our Sillies Out 🎶
Singing our Sillies Out 🎶

Singing Songs

Singing songs with preschool students: I sing songs to start our day, transition, move, learn, end the day, and so much more! Songs have a way of changing a mood, resetting a moment or day, and making a connection for students and they're learning. 

I have found that just like having a class greeter, if we start our day with a “good morning” song, the class enjoys a positive beginning to their day. Many of my favorites come from Conscious Discipline CD’s such as “School Family,” “Greetings,” Welcome,” “Get Ready,” “Good Morning,” and “Watch Me Listen.” I have found others that I enjoy also like “When I Woke Up Today” by Laurie Berkner Band, “Hello Neighbor” or “Rise and Shine” by Dr. Jean, and “Hello, Hello” by Nancy Kapman.

Transitions are another great time to use songs, I tend to make up a lot of silly songs during these times. A clean up song is an important transition and focus song. I like “That Was Helpful” from Conscious Discipline or “Clean Up Song” from I like to sing songs when we are lining up “I’m standing nice and tall, my hands are by my side, my eyes are looking straight ahead, I’m ready for the hall,” or when I need students’ attention “If you can hear my voice take a breath, if you can hear my voice take a breath, if you can hear my voice, show me you are ready for what’s next, if you can hear my voice take a breath,” and coming into the room to sit on the carpet “Everybody have a seat, have a seat, have a seat, everybody have a seat on the floor. Not on the ceiling, not on the door, everybody have a seat on the floor.”

Movement is an important part of a preschoolers day and they love to sing and dance along with songs!  Action songs like “Animal Action,” “Bop Until You Drop,” “Freeze Dance,” “ABC Rock,” “Rainbow of Colors,” and many more allow students to follow directions and move their bodies. You can find many movement songs that reinforce learning as well. There are many brain break songs that are similar to action songs allowing young children to redirect their minds and bodies.  Some of our favorites are “Wadlee Atcha,” “Skip-A-Dee-Doo,” “Tooty Ta,” and “Shake Your Sillies Out.”

Supporting learning with songs can be very meaningful. I have been amazed over the years by watching students and seeing them connect with a song and they're learning. For example, I have a student who was struggling with letter sounds and now can name almost each one due to learning the “Alphardy” song by Dr. Jean! Calendar songs, weather songs, and songs about material you are learning about reinforce what you are saying and assist in learning for the auditory learners.

We also sing a song at the end of the day to say goodbye to each other. This gives the class a closing to their day and a celebration of the day together. Our favorite is “It Is Time To Say Goodbye To All Our Friends” by Dr. Jean. 

You don’t have to be a good singer to sing songs with children, they love hearing the rhythm and lyrics. I hope you will feel encouraged to use songs with children and find some songs you and your children/students enjoy!

~ Amy Stedman - PKC Teacher / Endless Mountain Learning Center, INC.


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