Finding the Perfect Morning Routine: Navigating Crazy vs. Calm Starts to the Day

August 16 2023 – Knowledge Crates

Finding the Perfect Morning Routine: Navigating Crazy vs. Calm Starts to the Day
Finding the Perfect Morning Routine: Navigating Crazy vs. Calm Starts to the Day

As adults, we've all witnessed the great divide: Morning People and Not Morning People. The former are the ones who conquer half their to-do list before sunrise, exuding energy and cheeriness without the need for a caffeine infusion. The latter, however, need the solace of a quiet morning and a hefty dose of their favorite coffee before they're ready to even contemplate facing the world, let alone another human being.

I've found myself straddling both sides of this divide at different phases in my life, and I'm sure many of us can relate. But what we often overlook is that our kids fall into these categories too. Failing to consider their morning preferences and needs can unknowingly set them up for a rough start.

Enter the power of routines. Routines are the secret sauce that help us parents tackle our endless to-do lists while ensuring our children start their day on the right note. They bring structure, predictability, and a sense of control, benefiting both adults and kids alike.

Let's dive in, shall we? If you've got a little early bird, bursting with enthusiasm to tackle the day, it's crucial to have your own morning tasks wrapped up before you wake them. These eager beavers thrive on momentum and won't tolerate a delay while you brew your morning coffee or juggle lunch preparations. They're ready to roll, and if you're not in sync, brace yourself for a potential morning meltdown.

On the flip side, if you're parenting a "don't even look at me until I've had an hour to myself" champion, consider an earlier wake-up call. This breed of kiddo needs time to ease into the day. Give them the chance to gradually awaken, perhaps indulging in a bit of relaxation before diving into the morning rush. While you're ticking off your to-do list, they can have their own precious moments of calm. Rushing them at the eleventh hour might just trigger a double dose of morning meltdowns – from both of you.

To sidestep these potential pitfalls and ensure everyone starts their day on the right foot, take a moment to contemplate what fuels your family's best functioning. Factor in the early birds' eagerness and the slow risers' need for tranquility. Tailor your morning routine to accommodate these differences and watch how a bit of consideration can transform the morning chaos into a serene symphony.

In the end, it's all about embracing the quirks that make each member of your household unique and building a harmonious routine that respects those differences. So whether you're diving headfirst into the day or tiptoeing into it, let's make each morning a melody that sets the stage for a successful day ahead.


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