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3 Easy Nature Activities to Do This Fall! - Knowledge Crates

3 Easy Nature Activities to Do This Fall!

By: Knowledge Crates

Paint Your Pumpkins!


My kiddos always enjoy this simple activity! We use washable paints (from our Knowledge Crates!) so the fun can be repeated again and again, AND so we can clean and still use our pumpkins for jack-o-lanterns later on. 



Funny Leaf Faces


Who doesn't love googly eyes? Collect fall leaves, use regular school glue to give 'em eyes, and draw the rest of the face with a marker. Easy and cute! 


Nature Treasure Name Collage


These turn out SO lovely. Prep: Grab an Amazon box (or an empty Knowledge Crate box), cut out a rectangle, and write your child's name in black marker. Together with your child, collect some nature treasures and explore pulling them apart into pieces. Trace your name with glue, then use those nature treasure pieces to write your name!


Happy fall, nature explorers!

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